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Russia Invites China to Invest in Its Far East

Thanks to new investment attraction policies, more than 16% of new investment in Russia’s Far East during the past year came from China, according to statements made by Alexander Galushka, Minister for Development of the Russian Far East, during a media interview with Xinhua. The interview, in advance of September 2-3’s 2nd Eastern Economic Forum, outlined the types and impacts of policies created to attract Asia-Pacific investment into Russia’s Far East since the 1st Eastern Economic Forum in 2015.

Galushka also noted that RMB100 billion (C$19.5 billion) in Chinese investment has flowed into the Far East over the past year. Earlier this August, Russia invited Chinese investment into Far East shipyards, and on July 28 Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister touted the mutual benefits that Russia’s fertile land in the Far East and China’s huge funds offer for the Sino-Russian Agro-Industrial Development Fund.

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