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China’s Statistical Bulletin Reveals Investment in US Increased by 35.9%

China invested US$4.43 billion (C$5.86 billion) in the United States during the first eight months of 2015, an increase of 35.9% from the amount invested in the same period in 2014, according to both the September 17, 2015 release of the 2014 Statistical Bulletin of China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment as well as comments by China’s Ministry of Commerce.

China invested US$7.596 billion into the US in 2014, completing 93 merger and acquisition projects, including the Chinese Lenovo Group’s US$3.12 billion acquisition of Motorola.

Over 3,000 companies had been set up in the United States by Chinese enterprises by the end of 2014, with investment stock having reached US$65.22 billion, of which direct investment stock was US$38.01 billion, accounting for 58.3% of the total. Overall, Chinese investment in the United States has taken place in 18 categories of industry, with financial, manufacturing, mining, and real estate investments reaching a combined total of US$47.97 billion and accounting for 80% of China’s outward foreign direct investment in the US, while wholesale and retail trade ­– which is mainly engaged in import and export trade – and the manufacturing industry accounted for 62% of the number of Chinese companies set up in the United States.

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